January 20, 2018 at 1:47p.m.

10 Red Hair Ideas

Eye catching colour of hair changes from season to season. And now it is time for carnelian red to set your locks on fire, while expressing your ardent self.

Carnelian Red Hair

Add some vivacity to your auburn to look stunning throughout summer and autumn. The carnelian red works excellent for brown and fair skin alike.

1: Carnelian Red with Copper Twist

You pride yourself in natural red, then adding some delicate shade of brown and a little light orange to your strands will bring some extra volume and brilliance to your hair.

2: Going Peachy

Brave beauty would adore her hair look like a blaze with darker roots and much lighter ends.

3: Vivid Bob with Grown Out Roots

This fiery trend is just as good on short hair as it is on long. Darker roots melting into more sunny hues of straight strands look startling.

4: Lengthy Merida’s Ringlets

Curly locks in carnelian red will emphasize your identity in fabulous way, flaring even brighter when fluffy.

5: Splendor with Strawberry Blonde Locks

Dazzling and delicate coloring will suit any occasion and timing. Its carnelian red foundation going blonde with every inch of your hair length will vivify your figure.

6: Highlights in Warm Red

It is great way to ginger your natural reddish hair with lighter locks. It will look bright and vivid in flowing waves.

7: African Curls in Carnelian Red

Natural ringlets dyed in grayish carnelian red are over-the-top union. Note to double care for your springs aglow.

8: Claret Red and Peach Combo

Deep red top melting into orangey radiant bottom locks is your choice when one way in not just enough.

9: Intense Flaring Red

Coral, copper and orange mixed together will make your strands glow so bright and flamboyant.

10: Rebellious Soft Waves in Bob

Cropped chestnut locks styled in soft waves with delicate orange strands around your face spark your hair and eyes.

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