January 20, 2018 at 12:06p.m.

White Haircuts for Black Skin

Gray, platinum and white blonde are all the rage among celebs with attached locks and spunky bloggers ready for full commitment. Amazing colour difference of blonde hair and dark skin benefits the combo being so fabulous and popular. Though, snowy skin looks not less stunning with the icy blonde. Have in mind your skin type while opting for the shade of blonde.


40s and 50s witnessed Etta James singer’s snorting platinum strands. The trend was carried by Mary J. Blige, Dionne Warwick and Halle Berry to flourish today like never before.

On the Way to the Look

Natural dark hair is rather challenging to change into blonde, but it is not Mission Impossible, though, with a lot of care to follow the transformation. As a more expensive, but hair friendly alternative you may regard faux white or pepper-and-salt locks.

Stunning Silver

Now grey hair doesn’t evoke images of old ladies, but rather bright celebs striking the crowns with killer looks. Note grey with more purple shade suits cool-toned skin.

Startling White Blond

We got used that white is neutral colour, but as for hair it is rather a statement with unbelievable variety of shades to choose from. Once applied it makes your dark skin glow anew. Striking eggshell white on bob and short fridge is ready to rock next summer. Dreadlocks in white are for shocker effect.


This dyeing technique is worth trying to avoid constant upkeep. Colour needs refreshing only after two months or more. It is important to have the roots and toner shades to be of the same family. Navy black is great with deep silver.

Ash Blonde

Cinereous shade of white on black skin is truly win-win, especially with a little pinkish to feel like no other. Ashen white or grey, both look fresh.

The contrasting is head-spinning with infinite variety of options.

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