January 16, 2018 at 4:26a.m.

Top Main Spring 2018 Trends

With famous fashion shows over it is time to parse them through and define leading trends of the ensuing year.


- Works of outstanding artists such as Andy Warhol (in New York) or Giuseppe Arcimboldo (in Paris) have found their way on the runway this time.


- This season was marked with a strong desire of nearly every designer to shine and glitter with luminous festivity. Céline white sparkling gown was not an exception.

Nightie Again

- This easy dressing of the bedroom now adorned and shining is already set to show up on the streets.

See-Through Pieces

- Let’s see this trend through. Sheer layers covering not transparent pieces or tulle ones for more spectacular look were seen many times on the runway.

Terrific Plastic

- First presented for fall by Simons for a sheer layer over a fur coat, now upheld by Chanel, Balmain, and Off-White.


- Delicate pink, lint, and lavender are certainly not new, but looking that lovely, they took decent share of Spring 2018.

Flawless Parkas

- Valentino along with Balenciaga and Calvin Klein 205W39 showed modest nylon piece making others consider the trend is all the rage.

The Refreshed Trench

- A new look of a classic trench created by Céline cape-like outerwear and Loewe's Jonathan Anderson updated coat will gain popularity really soon.

Punk Is Back

- This season is starting a new wave with Balenciaga and Prada plaid and leopard or Altuzarra black and white pieces with fishnet.

Fine Feather

- The feather trend spread its wings to be observed not only for a trimming (Nina Ricci, Céline) but complete pieces as well (Saint Laurent).


- Have a go with a Calvin Klein 205W39TH pom pom-like purl for an imaginative addition to the look.

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