January 19, 2018 at 8:27p.m.

What Cause Hair Loss?

What Cause Your Hair Loss?

Like in case of many health issues, there is more than one cause. Though there are also some mythical ones, like:

- Wrong shampoo

- Aging

-The medical condition as a heritage from parents

Enlisted factors are used to explain the hair issue, but they are not to be taken blindly. Hair care product companies resort to the kind of explanation to boost sales of allegedly powerful hair growth lines. Else we hear such reasons from older people, willing to share their wisdom or from eager but misled ‘advisers’. Today we know actual causes of hair loss that at times are unexpected.

What We Get From Our Parents

When you start losing your hair, don’t rush to find faults with your mom and dad. If your parents had hair issues, it doesn’t definitely mean you will. Though, the probability goes up with certain genes. Studies proved that genetics may lead to the issue; the likelihood that in early 20s or late 40s you might develop hair thinning is strong.

Medicines Triggering Hair Loss

There is a bad news for women who take birth control pills. The reason is that some hormones containing in pills are not good for hair thickness. They change the texture. If this is your case, ask your doctor for androgens sensitivity test to switch the drug if needed.

Stress and Hair Texture

While stress adds up to thinning your hair, its level is considered sufficient when originating from body maloperation or changes. Hair texture may be affected after you gave birth, suffered fierce illness or hormone fluctuations. But rest calm, your everyday distresses are harmless to your hair.

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