January 20, 2018 at 3:02p.m.

How to find personal hair stylist?

Terrible experience with the wrong stylist makes people hide their horribly cut and dyed hair. No wonder they never use that salon again, but rather faithfully stick to the stylist they are comfortable with and find it a disaster when their hair expert needs to relocate, change profession or else. To discover a new hairstylist is definitely a challenging task. Find our tips useful on the way.

Investigate parlors in your area
Homey, luxury, or fashionable, in most cases the way the salon is defines the hairstylists that work there. With this in mind it is easier to gauge your would-be stylist. Note price matters. More expensive beauty parlor takes pride in more experienced employees, quality hair products and the way they cater their clients.

What you finally get will worth every cent.

Find what people say
Examine clients’ comments. Visit beauty parlor’s website or any its social media page where there might be pictures of hair experts. Follow your inner feeling while choosing for the stylist to have a consultation with. It’s usually free and a great opportunity to shape your view of the stylist and the expertise when looking through his\her portfolio and describing your future hairstyle. Be as detailed as possible telling about the hair you want.

Ask them around
It is worth finding out what the stylist can suggest for your skin tone, silhouette and personality. This way you follow the hairstylist’s train of thoughts to discover styles he\she can deliver the best way. No winners when there is enormous difference between what the stylist can do and what the client asks for. The person you are going to entrust your hair should be sure about your special needs.

It is your hair so take your time thinking and consult more than one hairstylist until you are absolutely confident, happy and satisfied with your choice.

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