December 03, 2019 at 8:05a.m.

10 Prom Makeup Tips

10 Prom Makeup Tips

The dress, the limo, the date… prom is such an exciting time of the year to dress up and celebrate the end of the school year with friends. If you’re needing a little inspiration for your prom look, here are 10 handy makeup tips you can easily do at home.

Perfect your skin - Makeup looks better when skin is clean, so that means taking care of it. Always wash your face and moisturize before applying makeup, and remember to exfoliate at least twice per week to slough off dead skin cells.

Prep your base - At prom, you want your makeup to last and that means using a good base. A good foundation will help to keep your skin feeling moisturized and looking even.

Setting the makeup - Setting your makeup is just as important as priming it. You can do this with a setting powder to keep the shine at bay and then a setting spray all over your face. Remember, you want to ensure your makeup stays where it should - on you and not on him!

Blush it up - Blush makes for the perfect natural flush to your cheeks. For the best effect, sweep the blusher from the apples of your cheeks upwards in gentle strokes.

Contour – Contouring can be used all over the face – from the neck to the jawline and even the nose. Remember, just a little bronzing contour can go a long way!

Highlight – You can never have too much sparkle so why not add a little with some highlighter. It is the season to sparkle, after all. Add a little bit of sparkle with a highlighter.

Eye shadow – Eyes are one of the best features to play up on the face so either go with something neutral for a more classic look, or opt for a pop of color if something bold is more your style.

Eyebrows - Eyebrows help shape the face and need the same prep as the rest of your face. Shape them well and fill them in with a color that is one shade less than your natural brow color.

Mascara – A couple coats of dark black mascara is all you need, or if you prefer, go for the exaggerated look with falsies. The choice is up to you.

Lips - Lipstick finishes off an outfit, so whether that’s a bold lip or a nude one, always remember to choose a color that will compliment your outfit.

Prom is one of the most exciting times of the school year and is the perfect opportunity to create an unforgettable look. It’s all about prepping the skin, choosing the right colors and feeling fabulous for the most memorable of days.

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