December 05, 2019 at 12:07p.m.

10 Shoes Women Shouldn’t Wear on a First Date

Ten shoes you should not wear on a first date.

First dates can be nerve-wracking, so the last thing you want to worry about is your outfit. Style mishaps do happen but at least you can avoid them by following our tips on the ten shoes you should not wear on a first date.

Platforms – Platforms tend to be really high, and if your date is on the shorter side you may be towering over him. We suggest saving the platforms for the next disco party, instead.

Sneakers – While they are super comfortable, sneakers should not be anywhere near your feet on a first date. However, if the date calls for an activity like a walk in the park, then that’s another story and we say go for it.

Flip flops – Only if you are going for a dip in the pool would we say yes to flip flops, so if this is not the case, leave them at home.

Sliders - Sliders are just glorified flip flops, so again, leave them for the beach.

Over the knee boots – This style of boot tends to be overtly sexy, especially if they have a very high heel. Boots are great for a first date, but keep them below the knees.

Rubber boots – Rubber boots are perfect if you are a country girl at heart, but they are not ideal for first dates. If it is raining, however, and you must wear something waterproof, then opt for an ankle grazing version and something with a small heel such as a Chelsea.

Wedges – As with platforms, wedges can play havoc on a date. Their high heel can make walking uncomfortable, especially if your date has planned a romantic stroll around town.

Canvas shoes - Canvas shoes such as Vans are just too casual for a first date. Save them for the next time you are running errands or walking your dog.

Mules – As a slightly elevated flip flop, we think mules are a shoe for the older set. So, best to avoid them if you want to dress your age.

Loafers – With their business-professional appearance, loafers aren’t the most stylish of shoes for a first date. In fact, we don’t think loafers should be worn on any date for that matter. We suggest wearing them solely for your 9-5.

So there you have it, our round-up of shoes you shouldn’t wear on a first date.

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