December 04, 2019 at 4:29p.m.

Cosmetics for Kids

Cosmetics for Kids

Makeup is fun at any age, and you can never be too young to learn about this creative world. If your children are fascinated by makeup, here are some of the best makeup kits for kids.

PixieCrush Pretend - For a portable kids makeup set, PixieCrush is a great option. The kit includes a fake spray foundation bottle and bright glitter ‘eye shadows’. It also has two realistic nail polish containers with caps and attached brushes for a perfect nail-painting experience.

Petite Girls - Kids who love glitter will be obsessed with this makeup set. The multi-compartment case is heart-shaped and covered with lots and lots of sparkly crystals. Inside, there is a colorful assortment of different eye shadows, lip products and more.

Make It Up Glamour Girl - This set is a great introduction to the cosmetics world. The set includes an array of different makeup products and tools so children can play around with all the different items. In this set, the products aren’t actually made out of liquid or powder.

IQ Toys Washable - The IQ Toys Washable set is perfect for children to express their individuality. It comes with two tubes of lipstick, six different eye shadow colors and two bottles of shimmery nail polish.

Tokia Real - Tokia Real is a water-soluble collection making clean-up a cinch. The set features an eye shadow palette, lipsticks, brushes and a powder compact. Even though the colors are bright, they don’t come out as strong on the skin.

So, if you are looking for makeup that is safe and fun to use for your budding artist, take your pick from one of the sets above and let your children have fun with color.

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